Corporations & Businesses

Do you own or work for a corporation or business that would like to be more involved with the Bucks County Community and #GivingTuesdayBucks?

Getting involved in any capacity has a huge impact on our community. Please fill out our engagement form below and  we will work with you to help you give back in a way that makes the most sense for you.

I/We would like to support the overall #GivingTuesdayBucks initiative by:
I/We will promote #GivingTuesdayBucks through our online presence (social media, website, emails). Please send us sample content.
I/We will encourage our customers to donate to their favorite participating organization on #GivingTuesdayBucks.
I/We would like to organize a day of service on #GivingTuesdayBucks. Please contact us with more details on how to do that.
I/We would like to run a donation drive on #GivingTuesdayBucks to help a participating organization. Please contact us with more information.
I/We would like to offer a matching gift for each gift our employees make on #GivingTuesdayBucks. Please contact me.
I/We would like to support the following organization on #GivingTuesdayBucks.



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